Lego Helicopter - String Flyer





Introduction: Lego Helicopter - String Flyer

I made this Lego Helicopter For my kids and I. Made from Lego Technics & Lego Powe Functions. The Helicopter moves along a suspended string and is controlled by a remote it can move forward and back as well as left and right.


Step 1: Building Instructions

Step 2: Some Detail Pictures

Toy Challenge 2

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Toy Challenge 2



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    Thank you for all the comments they are much appreciated.
    Winning a prize for something you've made feels wonderful.

    Nice helicopter. Congrats on winning the toys made from toys prize.

    Nice idea! Does that very thin fishing line (you see that sometimes above a pond to protect the fish agains bird) hold this helicopter? If it does, and you use that, it can realy look as if the lego flies, would be even better.