Lego Hero Factory Guy

Introduction: Lego Hero Factory Guy

About: I don't want to be chased by stalkers

Hi guys this is my first Lego hero factory guy so here are the pieces you need

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Step 1: Legs

Step 2: Legs

Step 3: Legs

Step 4: Body

Step 5: Body

Step 6: Back

Step 7: Back

Step 8: Lean Forward *a Little*

Step 9: Back

Step 10: Back

Step 11: Arm

Step 12: Arm

Step 13: Arm

Step 14: Arm

Step 15: Arm

Step 16: Gun

Step 17: Gun

Step 18: Armor

Step 19: Head

Step 20: Back

Step 21: Shoulder

Step 22: Shoulder

Step 23: Shoulder

Step 24: Legs

Step 25: End

Thanks for making

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