LEGO Hi-Chew Dispenser





Introduction: LEGO Hi-Chew Dispenser

After making my Lego Candy Dispenser, I decided I wanted to make something to dispense my current candy obsession: Hi-Chew!

I also wanted a machine that dispensed the candy when the handle was pushed in, instead of when pulled out. Another design feature I wanted was an area to collect the candy from after being dispensed. I'm very pleased with how it came out and already have a few ideas for my next Lego candy machine. 

I recently entered this in the 2013 Alameda County Fair and it ended up winning a 1st place ribbon :D !

Step 1: The Mechanism

This is the 'action' piece. It will move back and forth, grabbing a single candy at a time and transporting it to drop down the chute. Because the mechanism is the moving part, I decided every face should be smooth. 

Step 2:

Next I build the base and a spot to grab the candy from after it shoots out of the chute. 

I decided to have a base of 8x8 studs since that size lends itself well to building with 2x4 and 1x2 bricks .

Step 3:

I kept adding layers to the 8x8 base, adding in sloped pieces for the chute. 

I used the green 1x2 tiles to build the base of where the mechanism will live. 

Step 4:

I put the mechanism into place before building a few more levels and topping with some decorative tiling. 

Step 5:

I built the tube that holds the Hi-Chew from 1x2s, forming a 4x6 structure that I attached to the dispenser base. 

I added a combination of tiles and plates to the top so the lid would be easy release. I made the lid by putting tiles on top of a 4x6 plate. 



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    27 Discussions

    you can also put coins and money in this too works amazingly

    I had made one like this but it was a smartie dispenser. Great job! I also love the colours that you've used!

    Yummy!! Enjoying some now

    Do u like Legos? Haha I love this and hi chew us always an awesome snack!!

    Its okay....

    I made this yesterday and filled it with Hi Chew - can't stop playing with it!
    Great build. Hope you win the contest.

    Just make the back, behind the slide 1x. Then theirs room for a flat leaf spring in, to push the slide back out.

    Very clever design.. Great job!

    I'm making this and and substituting and one of then says honest bobs warehousing : D lol

    that is like the most awesome thing i have ever seen i love candy