Lego House by Victoria J. Trimis

Introduction: Lego House by Victoria J. Trimis

About: I'm a 12 year old girl that DOSE NOT steal especly crapy I pods or I phones! Why would I steal any of that stupid stuff? I'm not a big tech fan. I hate phones what are you supposed to do with it any way play...

This is for educational purposes because it can relate to archutechiture. I'm sure you will enjoy doing this as much as I have.
Good luck!!!

   Bonus: Take pictures to show steps and other things.... Write little tips or hints to help them out some  


1. put windows frames in when doing walls
2. do not use nail glue of any kind
3. gorilla glue is the best to use
4. don't use just radom colors, try and color code it if you will


alot- legos

3- bottles of strong glue

6-lego people

1- sharp knife


 1.   make fondation  with glue
 2.   put lego people in without glue
 3.   make a 12 lego blck top with glue(seperate from real thing)
 4.   start creating walls(have at least 24 blocks up for walls)
 5.   on last blocks you put down for wall do not put glue on
 6.   add furniture, rooms, and walls on inside
 7.   put top on without glue
 8.   get parent to take the knife and cut out window holes
 9.   add de'cor

!!!!GOOD LUCK !!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't get to finish it..... and it is a very lovly thing. better than mine!