Lego Household Items




In this Instructable I'll show how I made some lego items you can do things with!

Step 1: CD Rack

This is a useful cd rack and easy to build.
1: Make two 18x18 layers of flat plates.
2: Make this with blocks of 3 in height and 1 in width.
3: Add another layer on it, with flat plates with 1 in height and 1 in width.
4: Add plates of 1 in height and 2 in width like this.
5: Repeat this as many times as many CD's you want it to hold. End with a block layer, not a 2-width-plate layer.
6: Place two flat layers on top.
7: Insert CD's.

Step 2: Tape Dispenser

This is a tape dispenser, designed for weaker kinds of tape.
1: Lie down flat 1-width-plates like this
2: Add a layer of 3-in-heights.
3: And another layer.
4: Make this.
5: A stave with 5 in length, two middle gears and flat wheel things.
6: Tape fit around that. Also lace blocks with a hole in it on both sides.
7: Put it in place and add a flat 1x6 plate on both sides.
8: Make this.
9: Add it to the thing, and also the other things you see.

Step 3: Cup Mat

This is a stylish cup mat.
1: You can only make this if you have a lot of these, with two different colors.
2: Make a spiral of four of them.
3: Make a lot of those and make a big square of it.
4: Add flatties on the sides.
5: Put a cup on it.

Step 4: Ball Pen

This pen is actually very weak, except when you glue it
1: You need these things.
2: Make the top.
3: add so much cilinders that the thickening on the pen sticks to it.
4: Add more from the other side and a cone.

Step 5: Puzzle 1

This is a tile puzzle and if you hold it upside down the tiles won't fall out. My image is a rocket with scaffoldings
1: Get eleven of these, 4x4 plates.
animated image: Make an image on them all together, but don't connect them.
2: put flat 2x2's under it.
3: Lie down a 16x20 composed plate, you don't need to add a second layer.
4: Make a network of flatties to connect the plates, you don't need to cover it all. Leave 2 in width on the side, and make 2-wide plates on the right and bottom like that.
5: Add another flat layer on the 2-wide plates.
6: Put thin flatties on it.
7: And thin plates next to them.
8: Fill the rest of the sides with blocks.
9: Get another eleven of these 4x4 plates.
10: And put 3x3 on it.
11: Thin flatties on the side.
12: and square flatties like that
13: So now you have eleven of these.
14: Put them inside.
15: Flat squares...
16: Oops, that's the same as the last step, sorry.
17: Put 2-wide plates on the sides.
18: Press the puzzle parts on it and you're done.

Step 6: Puzzle 2

This is a ball maze where you need to get the ball to the end, by skewing the whole thing, and preventing the ball from falling in a hole. This is fun but needs some practice.
animated image: You need to have a metal ball that fits in a 1x1 lego hole. These come from ball bearings.
1: I'm sorry I skipped some steps, but it's understandable if you look at this and then at step 5. Just make it.
2: Then on the side 1-wide bricks and flat 1-wide plates. Als a little reservoir for the ball.
3: Add some pillars from 1x1 cylinders and flat circles an those.
4: A big plate.
5: This should be the finished puzzle, but the bottom isn't there... weird. I'm sorry I messed up the fotoshoot on this puzzle a bit!



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    23 Discussions


    3 years ago

    So neat! I've never gotten past a "wall".

    CSI worker

    5 years ago

    I made the pen too ITS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its 8:40pm right now and i made the pen.... but i made a cap too and used black brown and gray ITS SOOOO COOL THX FOR THE IBLE!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 4

    i tried the pen i ened up spilling ink all over my desk lol

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 3

    it's called a coaster (imagine that not in an angry way but a helpful way


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cool stuff!

    I've never seen the bricks of step 3. Where do they come from.

    Keep on the good work, Lego genius!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    they are not rare per say but not common, im sure you can buy packs of them -- i found most of mine from the 'rock raiders' kind of sets because they were used to mount 'lights' on (the green christal things). man i loved lego


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Not necessarily. The more "mechanical" kits (what are they called?) with gears and stuff have all of your "rare" pieces.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    No only for the cup mat you need a lot of some kind of brick, and for the puzzles you need a lot of flat plates, that's it.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That's not so much. I think most people with legos have enough to make that. I have enough to make about 15 of those, but not all in those colors.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    yup 100% right, you might have to use different colors, but its all the same in the end :)