Lego I-Pod Stand




Introduction: Lego I-Pod Stand

This is a basic I-Pod stand that will look really spiffy when sitting on your desk. Most of the parts that went into this stand were from Bionicle's.

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Step 1: Parts Required

Like I said earlier, most of theese parts are from Bionicle's, and if you don"t have these exact parts just improvise. For my stand I used the following parts in the pictures. Please forgive me if I do not name all of these parts correctly.

2x Main Body Pieces (red)
1x nose piece (red)
2x 45 deg. angle 9 hole (red)
2x 45x45 deg. angle 11 hole (dark gray)
2x Small Bionicle Feet (red)
2x 90 deg. arc 7 hole (red)
4x 90 deg. arc 5 hole (red)
2x straight 3 hole half thickness (red)
4x snap connecters (black)
4x size 2 axles (black)
4x size 5 axles (black)
3x size 6 axles (black)
2x size 8 axles (black)
4x axle spacers (gray)
12x half thickness axle spacers (gray)
2x 90 deg. connecters (gray)

Step 2: Front and Back Legs

Take the two long gray pieces and slide two number two axles into the short side of the arm. In the hole below the axle snap a snap connecter into the hole. Now slide your two three hole (red) straight arms over the axles. Now slide your long arc connectors over the snap and the axle connectors. The front feet are now finished. For the back feet take the red 45 deg. arms and slide number two axles into the shert end of the legs. Slide the short arc connectors over the axles an cap the ends with half thickness spacers.

Step 3: Main Body

Take the two red body pieces and slide a number six axle into the top hole in the picture. Take the two 90 deg. arcs and slide them over the pasts and slide spacers over the ends. Now take a number 5 axle and slide the nose piece into the middle of it and slide the assembly into the arc arms. Now take the #8 axle and slide it through the middle of the body. Slip a spacer between the two body pieces. Slip two more spacers over the ends. Take a #6 axle and slide it into the front hole. Insert another spacer into the gap between the bodies and put thin spacers over the ends again.

Step 4: Comlpetion

Slide the gray legs over the axles you just installed. Then snap two snap connectors into the holes at the bottom of the body. Slide a number 6 axle into the hole above the hole previously mentioned, and insert a spacer in the middle. Slide the other set of legs onto the snap and axle connectors and slide spacers over the exposed ends. For added support take the remaining size 8 axle and slide it through the gray arms. Take the two gray 90 deg. connectors and slide them over the ends at the top of the gray legs. Slide two #5 axles through the receptacles. Then slide the two feet over the top ends.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks really awsome and has a better look than most ipod stand instructables.