Lego Initial Pendant

Introduction: Lego Initial Pendant

This Lego Initial Pendant offers up a double dose of personalization in the form of your very own initial and color choice/pattern. These are really easy to make and would be an awesome gift to give. 

Step 1:

To make a Lego Initial Pendant, you will need:
-some bricks
-a 2x2 round piece with a loop on top (see second picture for a close-up)
-some cord or string
-font sheet found at

Step 2:

Choose the letter that you want to make and figure out the parts that you need to make it. Remember to build it in the most stable way possible, for example, if making the letter H you'd want a 2x6 instead of two 2x3s for the middle part. All letters are 9 bricks high and making thing them 2 studs wide should be sturdy enough. 

Once you're letter is build, add the 2x2 round loop piece for hanging. 

Step 3:

String it and you're ready to go! Don't forget to experiment with different colors and patterns. 

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