Lego Iowa State Football Field

Introduction: Lego Iowa State Football Field

This is an instructions for building a basic replica of Iowa State Universities Football Field using legos.

A list of exact lego sizes will not be included, because the lengths and widths can be combined if smaller legos of the same color are used. You just need the areas and widths included below. Only certain pieces need to be exact and are listed below by given dimensions.

All measurements are given by dots on legos:

1-16x16 flat green base
64 dots of black (width of one or two)
68 dots of white (only width of one)
28 dots of yellow (only width of one)
8 dots of red (width of one or two)
8 dots of red (only width of one)
2-4x1 yellow
8-1x1 yellow
6-2x1 yellow

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Step 1: Base and Post Positions

Locate the flat 16x16 green base and the 6-2x1 yellow legos. Make two stacks of the yellow legos, making them each 3 pieces high. Place each stack on opposite outter edges of the green base, directly in the middle of each edge as shown above.

Step 2: Cross Bar of Posts

Find the 2-4x1 yellow legos. Place one on top the center of each post so that one hole hangs over both sides of the post. Shown above.

Step 3: Finishing Field Goal Posts

Take the 4-1x1 yellow blocks. Make 4 stacks of two legos high. Place the stacks on each end of the cross-bars (4x1 yellow). See picture above.

Step 4: Out of Bounds Lines

Locate the white legos with a width of only one. Create the out of bounds lines by making a rectangle on the green base. The rectangle should be 2 dots from the edges without the goal posts and be in line with the goal posts on the other edges.

Step 5: Creating the "I" in Center Field

Take all the red legos from the parts list. Place an area of 4x2 red legos in the center of the white rectangle. Add red legos with a width of one and length equal to 4 to the top and bottom of the 4x2 red lego. They should be perpendicular to the 4x2 center and parallel with each other. The result should look like a capital "I"  and be 2 dots from the white rectangle on the top and bottom. See picture above.

Step 6: Border for the "I"

Find the remaining yellow legos. They should all have a width of one. Place them on the green base around the red "I" made in the last step. It should look like the picture shown above.

Step 7: End Zone

To make the end zone locate the remaining white legos with a width of only one. Place two straight lines on the green base inside the white rectangle. The lines should be parallel with the "I" and have two dots of space between them and the field goal posts.

Step 8: Finish

You should now only have the black legos left. Place them on the green base, outside of the white rectangle. This gives the football field a border and really stand out. Once finished check to make sure your lego design looks like the one above. Enjoy your completed Iowa State football field!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Neat stuff! You should place green bricks in the enclosed areas to level out the playing surface, then add a few minifig players (and fans) to complete the scene.