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Introduction: Lego Iphone / Ipod Charger Dock

This is my iphone charger dock. It's made form lego like sooo many others but this one uses no glue and doesn't wreck any lego or wires. The only non-lego part is two small bits of duct tape. It's strong and portable and folds flat. And it works for Ipads.

I actually sold a couple of these on ETSY and had a box design and everything, I'd've posted that too but I can't find it.

As you can see, I initially put it on imjur where at least three people saw it.

Hope you all like it.

Step 1:

This is version three of the design, version four is smaller. The base here is 9 by 8 studs and actually it works as well with 9 wide and 6 deep for phones. Tablets will probably tip over with the smaller version.

Step 2:

The feet are the only bits that tend to fall off in transit. I've never done anything about this because I don't have a suitable part. An easy fix would be to have those right-angle bricks go up instead of down, then they could be locked inside the model where the 6/2 and the 3/2 plates are.

Step 3:

Step 4:

just a single piece of tape is enough to hold the cable tight,

Step 5:

Step 6:

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4 years ago

Nicely documented! This is a great project!


Reply 4 years ago

Wow, thank you! To be honest, the instructions took a lot longer than the building of the thing :)