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Introduction: Lego Iron Man Helmet

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Hello guys! Today I will show you how to make a Lego Iron Man Helmet and by the way, this is my first instructables! So don't be to hard on me.

WARNING!!! Requires a lot of legos, Yellow, Red and Blue(optional)

Step 1: Step 1 : Ideas and Inspirations

Originally, my ideas came from the offical Lego iron man model and I've rebulit the model to make it wearable.

Step 2: Step 2: Building Time

Finally! I finish the full instructions, after I build the iron man helmet, I rebuilt it in lego designer program, the file is at the bottom.

After you open it, go to to right and click on building guide mode, it will take some time to generate the guide, please wait patiently!

Tell me if the file wasn't working.

You will need to download the free lego designer program to view the file, link is at the bottom, don"t download it from other websites except the offical lego website or there might be some virus in the file.

when you start building the helmet, you should wear the ring yourself to make sure it's too big or small, you can modify it to fit your head.

If you don't have that much yellow and red, you can change the color like white and yellow.

The colors of bricks inside the helmet doesn't matter since you can't see it outside, use any color.

You can download the program to do some lego models

Step 3: End!

So thank you guys for reading my first crappy instructions, if you like it, leave me some comments and some more ideas. Thanks!

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    45 Discussions

    I did build it but it is somwhere in my basement I think I have a pic of it somwhere if I find it I'll post the pic

    1 reply

    Did u plan this thing out all by yourself cuz this is legit Lego art when I made it, it took about a month, $300 worth of supplies (paint bricks etc.)

    1 reply

    Yep! I just brainstorm and build it without any calculation. By the way, did you actually build it? If you did, please post a photo of it. Thanks!

    Yes, you can see out if you have those lego glass block, I didn't use them because I don't have enough of them so I use white blocks instead, ask me if you have more question!

    AWESOME but if you added more words than steps it would be easier

    1 reply

    Looks great! I can't get the link to work. Also, the zip file contains a html file but no picture files so I can't follow it. Can you please repost the Lego Designer file or include the picture folder with the html. Thanks

    1 reply

    4 years ago