Lego Items!

Introduction: Lego Items!

About: i am someone who likes paper airplanes, legos, K'nex, and origami. i play minecraft and soon will create some tutorials on the game. im not sure how to get my computer screen into screenshots for instructables.

Hi. Sorry for being gone for a while but I forgot my password! :/ Anyways, im gonna show you people a show!

Step 1: Materials

You don't need TOO much items... Just some simple pieces. Please use the materials below.

Step 2: Get It Started!

Please feel free to follow the picture below. The rectangle is the starting piece.

Step 3: There Are Pictures...

Well, the title says all. Just follow the pictures. add those angled pieces.

Step 4: Keep on Going...

Seriously dude, just follow the pictures. Do I have to say more? Just add that odd 2x2 thing and the 2x10 flat.

Step 5: Almost There...

Just look at the pictures and your done. Why is it like a science fair to everyone?

Step 6: DONE!!!

Jeez man, its done. Was it that hard?

Step 7: Secret Thing...

OK, I've made a thing out of my batman jet thing. I don't have an instructable on it (yet) but I just wanted to show you.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    its just suppost to be cool ok? the white thing is a kaunai and the black thing, just i made it


    7 years ago

    Um… what does it do?