Lego Jet Airplane

Introduction: Lego Jet Airplane

This Lego Jet Airplane provides a fun and easy way to explore every kid’s dream – flying.  The Lego Airplane is a super simple build with standard pieces but still results in a cool toy. In my childhoods, this took playing with Lego's to the next step of fun!

Pieces needed:
15 - 4x2 Blocks
3   - 4x1 Blocks
3   - 2x2 Blocks
1   - 1x2 Gun Block

Step 1: Assembly 1

Blocks needed:
7 - 4x2 Blocks

Line two rows of three the long way in a line. Then, take one row and lay it on top of the, staggering by 2 nobs.

Step 2:

On the end which has an petruding piece on the bottom attach the last block perpendicular using the middle four nobs

Step 3: Assembly 2

Blocks needed:
6 - 4x2 Blocks
3 - 4x1 Blocks

Place two 4x2 blocks the long way, separated.

Step 4:

On one 4x2 block attach parallel, on both sides, 4x2 blocks taking up four nobs each.
Repeat on other block.

Step 5:

Combine the two built pieces with the 4x1 block, in the middle using 2 nobs on both built pieces.

Step 6: Assembly 3

Blocks needed:
2 - 4x2 Blocks
3 - 2x2 Blocks
1 - 1x2 Gun Block

Lay a base of two 4x2's with a 2x2 between them.
Lay another base of two 2x2's side by side

Step 7:

Connect the 2x2 blocks with the 1x2 gun block.

Step 8:

Lay the 2x2 base on top of the combined 4x2, 2x2 base.

Step 9: Final Assembly

Combine the first and second assemblies together. The second assembly should fall in line with the open 4x2 block space in the second assembly and the protruding 4x2 piece in the first assembly.
Place the third assembly on top of the first assembly so it touches the second assembly and connect the pieces.

Your Lego Jet Airplane is now complete, enjoy! 

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