Lego Jewels - 6 Customizable Lego Jewelry Designs




I hit up the Lego store recently and went a little crazy. Here are 6 pieces I created (many are highly customizable) and how to do it yourself. For those Lego purists out there, I have to warn you that there is mass mutilation of Legos in this instructable. Continue only if you can handle Legos being used NOT as intended. 

Step 1: Transformable Ring

Supply List:

Dremel with sanding and cutting bits (or hacksaw blade and sandpaper)
Heat gun (boiling water might work as well)
2x2 plate legos (2)
hard/14 gauge (-ish) wire
1x8 plate lego (This size is barely big enough for my pinky. If you want it to fit a larger finger, scale this lego up accordingly)


* Use a dremel or hacksaw to cut notches into the sides of the 1x8 plate
* Heat up the 1x8 with the heat gun until you can bend it into a "U" shape. Wear gloves to protect your hands from burning. If you don't have a heat gun, placing it in boiling water for a few seconds might work.)
* Cut a piece of wire that fits snuggly into the first set of "bumps" at the top of the "U"
* Place one of the 2x2 plates into a vice and cut a "ditch" into the back that is big enough to fit the wire.
* Because the longest plate I had was 1x8, I had to shave down the second 2x2 to allow my finger to fit. If you have a longer plate, you can skip this step.
* Sandwich the wire between the two 2x2 plates
* Fit the 2x2s with the wire into the 1x8
* Decorate

See the inspiration for this ring here.

Step 2: Chain Necklace

I love this one because the legos are also the clasp

Supply List

2x2 bricks (x2)
jump rings


* drill holes as seen in pic
* attach jump rings
* attach chain
* decorate

See the inspiration for this necklace here.

Step 3: Transformable Necklace

Supply List:

jump rings
any size lego (I used 2x2 plate)


* drill hole
* attach jump ring and chain
* decorate

Step 4: Wooden Ring

Supply List:

Dremel with sanding, drilling, and cutting bits 
sand paper
masking tape
hand saw


* Drill a hole for your finger in your wood
* Cut the wood down with a hand saw so that it will accomodate the 2x2 brick and your finger hole
* Begin sanding down the hole so it will fit your finger. I used a knitting needle with sandpaper taped around it.
* When the bottom is the way you want it, mark where the bottom of the brick will come to. Use a cutting bit in the Dremel to cut the line and begin sanding down the top with a sanding bit.
* Drill a hole in the middle of the top to accomodate the brick. 
* When everything is sanded to your liking and the brick fits, glue it. I used E-6000
* Decorate

Step 5: Melted Earrings

Supply List:

heat gun
1x_ plate Legos (short or long will work) x2 for each pair
saw or Dremel with cutting bit
earrings (post or hook depending on the style)
jump rings  and drill (for twisted style only)
glue/E-6000  (for curved style only)

Steps for curved style:

* Turn the Lego face down and cut a slit in each side between each "bump." See the pic of the blue earrings.
* Put on your gloves to protect your hands from the heat gun.
* Heat the back of the lego until it begins to warp. For small ones, you can just form the shape with your fingers and wait for it to cool. For larger ones, I suggest you wrap it around something while it's hot. I used the neck of a glass bottle. For larger ones you may have to re-heat. 
* Glue on earring posts (I used E-6000)

Steps for twisted style:

* Heat the Lego from the back and twist
* When it has cooled, drill a hole in the top
* add jump rings and hook earrings

Step 6: Step Earrings

Supply List: 

1x2 plate Legos
hook earrings
wire/beading post


* Drill a hole in one of the "bumps" in one of the 1x2 plates
* use wire or a beading post to create a loop through the hole. (Optional: glue the wire in on the bottom)
* Attach hook earring
* Attach the other 1x2 plates in a spiral pattern

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    7 Discussions

    these are all beautiful, but I kinda wouldn't want to ruin my legos :/ I love them though


    5 years ago

    Wouldn't the step earrings hurt? I mean they look totally AWESOME but they look too heavy.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    They're very light actually. They shouldn't weigh more than one "standard" Lego (12-1x2 plates = 1-2x4 brick) Additionally you wouldn't have to worry about them getting caught on something and hurting your ear, because it would most likely pull the bricks apart first.

    I am going to buy a Lego set today, just can not resist anymore :[). Thank you so much for sharing. You are awesome.