Lego Jibits




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Intro: Lego Jibits

Hi! Thank you for viewing this instructable today!!! I will show you how to make Lego jibits to attach to your crocs. To do this you will need: Hot glue gun Legos Skewers Scissors

Step 1: The Design

Design the Lego part of the jibit any way that you want, but do not make it too big.

Step 2: The Platform

Now to make the platform. I used little bits of skewers, but rubber would work too. Make two of these. Hot glue the Lego to one of the platforms, and then glue the other horizontally.

Step 3: Switch 'em Up!

Once you are done, you can make them go anywhere on the shoe. Have fun with these Lego jibits! And thank you for viewing this instructable.



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    5 years ago

    Hope you enjoy them!!