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I will show you how to make a Lego Jigsaw Puzzle Image.

Step 1: Step 1)

Build a Lego wall. I recommend making the wall 1 Lego stud wide, and as tall as you need for your photo.

Step 2: Step 2)

You will want to choose a image on your computer to print out (It is much easier to use sticker paper you can get this cheap at office stores). Tip: If you are using Microsoft Word set the page size to 100% to be accurate in size.

Step 3: Step 3)

Cut out the image to any size you would like. I recommend to cut out the background if you are doing a portrait. Next either stick it to the wall if you are using sticker paper or glue it to the lego wall.

Step 4: Step 4)

For this step you may want to get a adult to help you. With a razer blade cut all of the edges/sides of each Lego block so you can take the picture apart.

Step 5: Step 5)

You may want to do touch ups so just grab a sharpie and color over any spots that need to be fixed.

Step 6: Extras

If you want you can do extras! You can make a stand, add lights or anything you want! It is all up to you. If you need help or have a question you can put it in the comments and I will reply.

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    Interesting. This technique was in a recent issue of Make:Magazine. Is there a way to make the edges cleaner looking on the cuts?

    5 replies

    Use an X-Acto knife (craft knife). you could also use a heated knife. I bought a wood burner (like a soldering iron type) to burn things into wood and it was a kit that included a X-Acto knife tip and it cuts through paper very well when its hot. just make sure whatever you use is extremely sharp! the sharper the tool the cleaner the cut.

    x-acto soldering iron.jpg