Lego Keychain (The Easy Way)

Introduction: Lego Keychain (The Easy Way)

Want to make a Lego Keychain? Now you can, with the Lego Keychain Instructable, (The Easy Way) by Ninjaaa -- NO DRILL REQUIRED! Just a few Lego bricks, 3 steps... and you'll be set to go!

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Step 1: Do You Have Enough Pieces?

You will need:

. 2 x 6 thin with pre-made holes in it
. keychain
. 2 x 5 thin or pieces that add up to it

Step 2: Add the Keychain

Simply said there. Add the keychain. You can put it in any hole you like, but I chose the top, which I believe is the best spot.

Step 3: Add the Other Pieces

As you see, there are still MEAN, GREEN, HOLE MACHINES in the lego piece. Use the pieces to patch up those holes on the back.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Definitely the easy way, but a potential classic.