Lego Lego Skull Man




Introduction: Lego Lego Skull Man

today i am going to be teaching you how to make a cool little batery powered led lego skull man.this would be great for halloween which is coming up soon.or it would even be a great simple project to do when your board or just a small mantle piece object or dour light as the led is very bright.

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Step 1: Gathering the Parts

gather all of the parts.

1.1x led



4.3.7v battery

Step 2: Eye Holes

drill some small holes around 2mm in the eyes for the leds to go into.

Step 3: Wire Guidance

drill a small hole near the neck of the legomans body to guid the wires dow to the hip where you can let them out and pu the legs back on.

Step 4: Connector

add a connector to the led wires with just positive on the battery to possitive on the battery and the negative to negative aswell.i also added some heat shrink to strenghthen the wires and the connector.

Step 5: Design

final design

Step 6: Finally Tests

these are some pictures of the final product and how it works.

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    3 years ago

    *cries over wrecked minifig* pretty cool, but im so sad that u wrecked a minifig.