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About: Hi guys! Have you been looking for lego weapons? Well you have just reached russian_blackbird's lego armoury. There will be at least one more instructable lego weapon every month. Please comment on them. Bye!

This is the first instructable I have ever made. Pretty cool.

Step 1:

First the pieces, look carefully.

Step 2: The Holders

These parts are the handles for the LEGO character and for steadying it.

Step 3: The Big Bang

The next part is for the blast to (metaphorically) come out.

Step 4: Accuracy

This part is for making the bullet to (metaphorically) accurately fire.

Step 5: To Battle!

You are now finished! Here is some previews on Batman.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    just so you know, they're TECHNIC rods, not BIONICLE rods. they're commonly seen in bionicle sets, but thats just because of the way they look. they're from sets about ten years old in the beginning, and they were perfect for making bionicle. only some parts were specifically for that; bionicle may have started them on making specialized pieces, but the rods were there long before that.

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Introduction

    very nice, 5* and very nice again, lol getting a comment like that by kiteman is difficult by far. A bit small, i used some hair from my elvis limited edition character to pump it up!!!