Lego MInifig Robot




It may look like this is held together with glue but it is not. And the pieces that you need are easy to obtain.

Step 1: Gather Pieces

See easy to obtain:)

Step 2: Body

Get pieces in picture

1. Put the the levers into the minifig arm holes and make sure the bottom looks like the 5th picture.
2. pull the levers out from their base and put it sideways with the grill upside down. then put the bases back on the levers and twist them 90 degrees.
3.This is the hardest step put the grill (still upside down) on the bottom of the minifig body and push the levers up into the body.check to make sure it looks like picture 13. the the levers in the arm holes might move a little so just push them back in place.

Step 3: Arms

Gather pieces in picture.

1. Rip off legs.
2.put the robot hands into the minfig legs.
3.Take the minifig hands and put it in the small holes that the bumb goes into.
4. twist the robot hands 90 degrees.

Step 4: Legs and Feet

Gather pieces in picture

1.take roof piece and put it on the top of the wierd piece sp it maches picture 2
2. take the little stud and put it on the extra stud on the wierd piece.
3. make another.

Step 5: Head

Gather pieces in picture

1.put the clips on the sides of the wierd piece
2.put roof tile on top
3. put the flat tile on the front

Step 6: Chest

Gather pieces in picture

Step 7: Putting It All Together

final step not that hard

1.Start with the body head and chest
2. put the chest on the minifig body the right way then put the head on
3. then get the arms and put them into the base of the levers on both sides make sure it the right arm on the right side.
4.then put on the legs which is really easy to do just look at the picture

Step 8: Finished

You can also make different colored ones like the one in the picture below

If you have any questions just ask
send pictures of a robot you made to me i would like to see them



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5 years ago

Fun to build :) should really change your profile pic


Reply 7 years ago on Step 1

It means that for the arms you need the hands of a minifig i made this and t is amazing!


8 years ago on Step 8

you should sell those