Lego Man Costume - Minifigures - Lego Magician and Lego Sir

Introduction: Lego Man Costume - Minifigures - Lego Magician and Lego Sir

Me and my buddy did these Lego Man costumes. We picked our favorite lego characters. I was a Lego magician and he was a Lego Sir. The three main materials are Poster board, Cardboard and Styrofoam. We first cut out the body out of card bored we went off of what a real Lego Mini figure was.

After we got the template for the first lego body we then cut out the hands from large 2.5" think stryofoam sheets from Home Depot.

We made a template of the hand out of card board and used that to trace around to make the others. We needed three pieces of stryofoam to make one hand. We then stacked 3 on one anther and taped them with masking tape to give it reinforcement.

For the head we cut stryofoam circles (2) 14", (1) 8" and (1) 12" and then cut a 8" hole in the center of the 12" circle. We then wraped poster board around those piece foaming a head. We then got dowel rods and put them inside the head to keep the styrofoam from collapsing in and to hold in in place.

The rounded mid section of the body is a concrete tube from Hope Depot that we cut to size and in half. For the legs we used (4) 10x10x10 boxes to make two legs and tapped and cut to size. 

Then after the model for the body was complete we wrapped the body in poster board to give the paint a more gloss finish like a real Lego Man.

Then the final part was paint. We learned the hard way not to spray paint styrofoam. So we switched to regular cans of paint and a roller. Then after the single color body parts were painted with then finished it off by painting on the front and face of the Lego Man. Then we cut out the mouth and taped in a white see thru fabric. 

Over all to make 2 Lego Men took about 60 hours to make.  Probably would have been less if we didn't have to make so many trips back to Walmart and Home Depot.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    what if i paid you to make 2 of these for my boys?