Lego Maraca

A simple to make Lego noisemaker.


Step 1: Materials

2 x 4 Lego bricks (50+ depends on size)
2 x 2 Lego bricks thick (6)
Some small Lego parts

Step 2: Handle

Stack your six 2 x 2 bricks onto each other vertically.

Step 3: Layer 1

Place 2 2 x 4 bricks next to each other horizontally

Step 4: Layer 2

Stack bricks as is in the picture.

Step 5: Layer Three

Put pieces as is in the picture.

Step 6: Layer 4

Place your bricks as is in the picture.

Step 7: Layers 5-8

Stack the bricks on the edges until they are at 8 layers

Step 8: Adding in Small Lego Parts

Just put them in there.

Step 9: Top It Off

Do as you see in all the pictures.

Step 10: Just Shake It Now!

Have fun! If you have any holes in it fill it in with a 2 x 2.



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