Lego Maze

I was browsing instructables and I saw that there was a puzzle contest. And I had an idea to make a lego maze to enter into the contest so I did. I hope you enjoy making this lego maze!

Step 1: ​First Build a 18x18 Flat Plate.

Step 2: And Then on the Sides Build It Up Two Bricks

Step 3: Then, 8 Studs in From the Corners Place a 1x2 Brick With a Hole in the Middle.

Step 4: Build Up 3 Bricks Then to Finish the Outside.

Step 5: Gather All the Pieces Shown in the Picture.

Step 6: Place the Axle in the Hole on the End.

Step 7: Put Another One of the Bent Pieces on the Axle.

Step 8: Place a Small Spacer Piece on All Four of Them.

Step 9: Insert Them in All Four Holes on the Base.

Step 10: Then Put a Big Gear on the Axle.

Step 11: Gather 5 2x1 Bricks One 1x6 and One 1x4 Bricks.

Step 12: Attach 4 1x2 Bricks Together.

Step 13: And Then Attach the 1x6, 1x4 and 1x2 Bricks Together As Shown in the Picture.

Step 14: Then Attach the Two Pieces Built in Step 12 and 13 Together.

Step 15: Now Build a 14x14 Flat Plate.

Step 16: Then Build That Up 3 Bricks.

Step 17: Build a Maze on the New Flat Plate However You Want.

Step 18: Take a One of the Pieces That Has a Stud in the Middle and Attach It in the Corner of the Maze.

Step 19: Put the Maze on the Base and a Ball and Your Done!



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    6 months ago

    Am I looking at the design correctly in that each knob only lifts that one side of the maze? As in you need to use all four knobs to be able to be able to tilt it in all four directions?

    2 replies

    6 months ago

    Well now I don't have to buy the Official Lego Maze $200 on Amazon! YIPPEEE

    1 reply