Lego Medical Sign (6-point)




I didn't know what to call this shape but it's the same shape as the Lego medical sign so that's what I named it. It's also a nice shape to make flowers out of. 

Easy to build and fun to marvel at, get ready to make a Lego Medical Sign!

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Step 1:

You're gonna need 369 1x2s. 

That means: 
123 of each color for three colors.

Step 2:

To make a Lego Medical Sign, you want to make a long strip that basically looks like the letter E stacked up a bunch of times. 

Start by building a structure 3 layers high and that's staggered on the end as shown in the first and second pictures. The top level should be 9 studs (those dots on top the bricks) long. Turn the 90 degree corner and continue the strip until it's 14 studs long. Now you should have a backwards L. Continue attaching bricks so that you build another line of 14 studs going right next to the last. 

Step 3:

Now start attaching bricks at a 90 degree angle so that it makes an L shape. Build the bottom part of the L until it is 15 studs long then turn 90 degrees again to build the tall parts of the backwards and normal L shape.

Notice that the first back to back Ls were topped off by two vertical bricks but the next L pair is topped off by a horizontal brick. As you build, these will continue to go back and forth. 

Step 4:

Continue building the back to back L shapes until you have a strip that looks like the picture. 

Step 5:

Bend the model to bring the two ends together and connect them. Voilà!

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    In the main picture yeah, it does. I only added the pollen at the last minute though and think of it more as the medical sign.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's what I was going for :) I almost put it over a green baseplate to look like one of those fake grass door mat things that always have a daisy on them haha