Lego Menger Sponge




Introduction: Lego Menger Sponge

An intriguing fractal shape, build from Lego. This guide is in response to the comments I've received from the original posting on my Lego Menger Sponge page.

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Step 1: First Layer

You will need to underpin this layer with flat bricks, to ensure it holds itself together.

Step 2: Second Layer

Note the rotational symmetry of the pieces.

Step 3: Third Layer

Step 4: Fourth Step

This is the easiest bit, since the towers are all identical.

Step 5: The Fifth Layer

The top part of the sponge has an identical pattern to the bottom three layers. However, because it must stretch across the gaps, different pieces are often used. Note the 1x8 pieces.

Step 6: Penultimate Step

Step 7: Final Step

And now it's all done!

You can the video of how this look in 3D:

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    I can't remember, but counting the bricks I guestimate 182. (there's several flat pieces to hold the base together which aren't visible)


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    oh I thought you meant my bad. I thought your name was talking shit about my favorite site.