Lego Military Field Gun

Introduction: Lego Military Field Gun

This is a cool military and easy to build gun. It was used in ww1 ww2 and ?????

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Step 1: Matireal

Step 2: Body

Put the 2 peaces with the hole in the side under the 2-by-8

Step 3: Gun

Take the long stick and slide the small black thing ??? Over. Then take the 1-1 slant over upside down. Then take the 2-1 with x in middle and poke the gun though. Then place it on the end on the body

Step 4: Shield

Take the piece that lets you put things to the side and put under the gun connecter. Then take the 2-4 and put them on each side. Then put the 2-1 in-between the shield

Step 5: Stand

Take the 1-4 and put it on the end of the body. Then take the1-6 smooth and put it on each side

Step 6: Wheels and Extra Parts

Tank the 1-6 smooth and put on the part on the tier connecter. Then take the wired pieces and put them in the tier connecter. Then slide on the wheels

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