Lego Mindstorm Turret Shooter

In this Instructable I am going to show you to the best of my ability how to make a Lego Mindstorm Turret Shooter I am mainly going to use just pictures because thats how lego does it. All the parts you need for this instructable are in the Mindstorm 2.0 NXT kit.

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Step 1: Parts From the Kit Needed

These are the parts you need from the NXT kit.

Step 2: Base Part 1/3

This is the first part of the base you need to build

Step 3: Base Part 2/3

this is the next part of the base you need to build

Step 4: Base Part 3/3

Now we make the final part of the base and put the 3 parts together

Step 5: Putting the Base Together

Now we put the three parts of the base together to make it complete

Step 6: 360 Turning Piece

Now were going to make the next piece i don't really know what to call it so look at the first picture

Step 7: The Shooting Mechanism Part 1/6

this is just one of the sides of the supports that holds up the motor that shoots the plastic balls.

Step 8: The Shooting Mechanism Part 2/6

Next were going to make this which is basically a mirror image of the pervious piece we built.

Step 9: The Shooting Mechanism Part 3/6

Next were going to make the piece that  points the shooter up and down so follow the pictures

Step 10: The Shooting Mechanism 4/6

next were going to make this which is part of the firing system.

Step 11: The Shooting Mechanism Part 5/6

this is one of the last pieces we need to build it is what holds the plastic balls before they are fired

Step 12: The Shooting Mechanism Part 6/6

This is hardly a step because it's just putting two connectors in a motor but here it is anyway

Step 13: Putting It All Together

Step 14: Oops

I forgot when I was building this that I ordered extra connectors and used 2 extra black connectors then what comes in the standard 2.0 NXT kit you can easily substitute a black connector for a long blue connector or short grey connector in many places.

Step 15: Controlling It

Right Now I just use the remote control through bluetooth function on the NXT software. with port A as the Action and BC as keypad controlled

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    3 years ago

    nice instruction,now i got the instruction i can make it at my robotic lessons.thx!