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Introduction: Lego Minecraft 2

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So somebody names antibobthebuilder said "cool but what about the others?" So now I'm posting THE CREEP! Now I have a system 1 comment=1 instructible of my choice fallowing=a lego mob of your choice (any mob) and your username on the instructible! So smash that fallow button in the face!

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For this instructible you will need all the items in the picture above

Step 2: 1 Half the Creep

Put the 2 by 2 on the other 2 by 2 one on top of the other. Now take a piece of tape and stick it on that bad boy (the 2 pieces we put together earlier) now trim the tape to match the bricks, after that wield the sharpie capless and draw a creeper face to your satisfaction.

Step 3: The Other Half

Put 2 of the slanty pieces on a 2 by 1 like in the picture and build 2 of them.

Step 4: DONE

Put the two feet that we built in the last step side by side like in the picture then put the two halves together like so.

Step 5: WARNING!

Do not put a unarmed Steve next to a creeper as house insurance dose not cover creeper explosions.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    My son will LOVE to see this!!! Awesome!!! I am booking marking/favoriting it!