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Introduction: Lego Minecraft 4

About: My race is sneg which is a abbreviation for the famous saying "sophisticated narwhals eat gummybears" Please fallow and vote when you can thank you : )

Someone asked me to make the enderman they actually said pleasepleaseplease so here it is make sure to comment and smash that fallow button in the face! And make sure to check out my other lego minecrafts and vote!

Step 1: I'm Going to Do Picture Build Again

Step 2:

Step 3: Remeber

1 comment=instructible of my choice 1 fallow=a lego minecraft mob of your choice and your profile mentioned on the instructible.



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    Use black pieces for the enderman though. To get black legs, buy Lego ninjago sets.

    Um I believe the body is 5x5x5 and the 4 tentacles might be 2x2x4. That's what I think, though.

    Also how many blocks tall is a ghast tentacles and all

    I made a spider also but yours is much much better

    I made a spider using your scale. I think you should post it. After all, it was inspired by your work.

    13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 2:59 PM.jpg13, 3:00 PM.jpg

    Challenge accepted!!!

    Oh wait... can you do a Ghast? That is my challenge to you.

    Ah I don't paint Legos also Steve has a beard many people think it is his smile

    Looks epic! For my Steve I used blue pants and painted a shirt light blue

    13, 8:01 AM.jpg

    I made a realistic Steve minifig! Your creations really are in scale! Yes, I gave my enderman a collar. HE IS MINE!!!

    13, 9:36 AM.jpg13, 9:36 AM.jpg

    I think this is the best one so far! Of course, that's just my opinion...