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Introduction: Lego Minecraft Dog

About: Hi, I am Bacon Builder!

Hello everyone! I saw something really cool on the internet and I decide to make it since there is no instructions. ( I like to make things without instructions)A user on YouTube called ZaziNombies

and he made bunch of minecraft and other video games replica out of lego, here's the video. Lego minecraft dog
Make sure to subscribe him and give him a like!

hope you will enjoy it.

Step 1: Step1: the Head

The head of dog

Step 2: Step2: the Body

The body of the dog

Step 3: Step3: the Leg

The leg of the dog

Step 4: Step4: the Tail

The tail of the dog

Step 5: Step5: the End!

In the end attach all the thing together and you are done! Don't forget to vote me in the remix contest if you like it.

Check out my Lego steve and creeper!steve&creeper.

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    I love this! you should make more instructables.

    Wow just wow. ?


    3 years ago

    Looks good might make it of I ever had all the pits!

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    I meant if LOL