Lego Minecraft Hitman Version of Steve




About: Hi, I am Bacon Builder!

Hey guys! I decide to build a hitman version of minecraft steve, I was planning to build a normal steve but there are two people have build the normal steve, so i decide to build a hitman version of Steve whick looks a lot cooler! Equiped with a Mac 11!

Hope you will enjoy my instructable!

Step 1: Step1: the Head

Step 2: Step2: the Legs

Step 3: Step3: the Body

Step 4: Step4: the Arms

Step 5: Step5: the Gun!!!

Step 6: Step6: Attach Everything Together!

Step 7: The End!

hope you will enjoy my instructable and make sure to vote for me, leave me some comments by the way!

Check out my instruction for the lego creeper by clicking my name, i will make more weapons for steve, you can request any weapons by leaving me comment about what you want. thanks guys!



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    4 years ago

    Very nice . You can also use LDD (lego digital designer) which has a cool function that let's you make a building guide ( you make something in the application and click something , then you get a guide-you can upload it and share !)

    1 reply
    Super space ninjaArman5592

    Reply 4 years ago

    Oh i have the LDD application but I am to lazy to use it, so i use photos instead. I used LDD on my previous instrutables like my lego iron man helmet, but it takes a lot of time! i will try to make it on LDD, thanks for your postive comments!