Lego Minecraft Villager

Introduction: Lego Minecraft Villager

Hi every one! here is a instructable on a lego minecraft villager! What could go better together? Nothing! Anyway hope you chaps have been good and you lassies to, without further jabber here we go.

Step 1: Geting the Parts

Heres all the parts. We will be referring back to this set of pictures for each segment.

All of the white (except the eyes) can be replaced with brown if you want to make a farmer instead of a librarian.

Step 2: Taking Are First Step

See what I did there? the joke. Taking are first step... ya. just put the feet together.

Step 3: Suting Up

Ok just get the body together.

Step 4: Arming Are Towns People

Did you get this one? No? o well get your arms together and make shure to put that pin in-between so they stay together.

Step 5: Geting the Head Together

Ok now your villager MUST HAVE A FACE. Very important.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Just get your head and arms on, o and the feet if you didn't already.

Step 7: "Honk Hermerm" He Speeks to Us

Ok he's done! Great job and I hope you had fun! I shure did! make shure to subscribe, like, and leave a comment!

I love to here feed back and love to see your builds! next instructable should be a witch so stick around to see! thanks every one! have a good one!

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    lol. It's Dr.Traoris.