Lego Mini Aquarium




Watch your little water creatures grow in this awesome little aquarium.

Step 1: Make the Base

This is what will support the bottom. Make a beginning layer using black bricks to make a base of 6x8.

Step 2: Make Another Layer

Make another layer on the original base so nothing will fall out.

Step 3: Make It Flat

Put brown tiles into the middle of the base. It will cover 4x6 of the black base.

Step 4: Making the "Glass"

Cover up the unused areas with clear 1x2 pieces.

Step 5: Make the Second Layer

Do the same thing again.

Step 6: Third Layer of "Glass"

Make another layer. Almost done.

Step 7: Last Layer

This is the last "glass" layer. No kidding.

Step 8: Flatten the "glass"

Add tiles on the "glass." It will be needed later.

Step 9: Make a Cover

Get pieces that look like the pic and combine it like shown.

Step 10: Put in Sand

You have the option to use real sand or not. I'm gonna put the 1x1 stud legos. You'll use about 28.

Step 11: Put Water, Animal, Lid, and Done!

I suggest that you should use tiny snails that don't grow of baby shrimp, such as sea monkeys and what not. Many newly born baby fish. But you're done! Good job.



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