Lego Minifigure Display Case

Introduction: Lego Minifigure Display Case


I have been reading this site for about 5 years now and I am JUST NOW getting to write my first Instructable!

I have been enjoying Lego building all my life and am glad that my son loves them too. Like many people that own a large collection of Lego, eventually comes the urge to display your stuff. I've been wanting to have a minifigure display for a long time but stuff that one can buy are just too expensive for what they are, display too few minifigures for the room that they take up and are not really that customizable, and for Lego, customization is just how we all roll. I hope to address all these shortcomings and give all of you a way to design a great display for little money.

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Step 1: Supplies

Many of things needed here just might already be in your house to be repurposed for this project.

Poster Hanger - I just bought a 11x17 one at Target for $7.99 yesterday.

Large Flat Base Plates - I had extras but Amazon sells 3rd party plates for not much

Flat Lego Bricks - Most common ones to use are 2x2 flats of various colors. You'll see how larger and longer flats can be incorporated.

Hot Glue Gun - They are available many places but you could already own one.

Step 2: Gather Supplies and Arrange

First, I flipped over the paper display of the poster hanger so it was just white and replaced the plastic cover.

Next, arrange the flat plates on the surface of the plastic cover in an arrangement to your liking.

Then, take out the glue gun, apply some glue to the back of the Lego plates and attach to the poster hanger.

Finally, Customize!

Step 3: Customization Examples

The trick that this display relies on is that a flat piece, if turned will click sideways onto another flat. So, if you take a flat 2x2, attach a figure on the front edge of the 2x2, the back side of the 2x2 will click into the flat plate on the poster hanger. You can also use the 2x3 base plates that special mini figures come with. Most importantly, larger flats can be used. I'm using 2x8's to bridge the gaps between the large plates. Be sure to make the plates line up from side to side so these bridges can happen.

Step 4:

Also, if there are little scenes you wish to capture, like Nya and Jay's parents sitting down with some tea, use a 4x8 flat to compose it and click it on. I also used one of the pieces that has connections on the side as well as on the top so I could display the floor rug more easily. I'm hoping to get together another one of these vignettes with the 1966 Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson standing with the William Shakespeare statuette between them then put his parents paintings behind them. Of course that would mean taking apart some of Wayne Manor...


So, have fun and be creative. I'd love to see some time how other people adapt this! Have a great day!

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