Lego Money Bank




Introduction: Lego Money Bank


  • standard legos (you do not need to buy specialty legos)
  • cup (preferably paper because it is more durable
  • paint (optional)

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Step 1: Sort Legos

I would sort the legos by color and piece type. It will help to keep track of what shapes will work in your design.

Step 2: Build

Start the bank with a 5x5 inch perimeter of legos and continue to build up from there. The final product should 5 inches tall. Make sure that the legos connect to each other in a way that they will not break apart or separate easily.

Step 3: Top Formation

The top was made in a somewhat intricate fashion. I would follow the pictures above precisely as I did a step by step process for you to assemble the legos. There are a few side views to help you get a sense of how the top is supposed to look with both flat a regular pieces.

Step 4: Add the Cup

Lastly, you need to place the cup inside of the money bank. If you are going to paint the cup, do it before you place it inside the cup. Once this cup is inside the bank, your money bank is complete and ready for use.

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    Nice. I love any excuse to build a Lego project with my kids.