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Introduction: Lego Ninjago Theme Birthday Party

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This 'ible is a while in the making. It's been on the to do list for 4 months now. I haven't had the chance to get around to writing it and I finally decided I needed to crank it out before I forget most of the details. Sorry for the wait, if anyone was actually waiting lol.

If you have been following my Instructables, you know I post 2 party themes a year, one in April for my son Kaiden and one in December for my son Zander. Some themes we have done are Skylanders, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yo-Kai watch, Mario Party, and Scooby doo.

Back in April Kaiden turned 7 and his chosen theme was Lego Ninjago.

As with all my parties, it starts with research. Kaiden wanted a specific season in particular to base his party on. Season 5, he wanted. So off to netflix I went to watch all the episodes in season 5. I came up with games to match things that happened in each episode in the show. As with most of my party plans, I planned 8 games, but more on those later. Then it was off to pinterest and google to find ideas for the theme.

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Step 1: Logo

Next thing I do is to make a custom logo.

I made 3 different logos for Kaiden to choose from. The basic lego ninjago logo, the season 5 episode intro logo, and the upcoming Lego Ninjago movie logo.

Kaiden chose the movie logo you saw in the intro.

Here are the photoshop files for all 3 logo designs if you want to edit it. You need the same font, I believe its called Aldo the Apache. You can download it on for free.

Step 2: Invites

After the date, time, and venue are chosen, I design the invitations. This idea was not my own, I found it somewhere in my internet browsing.

I created the invite layout in photoshop as usual. I made them 2 to a page and I printed them on yellow construction paper.

You have to print the face on one side and reload the paper to print the party info on the other side. As hard as I try, I just cant seem to get the 2 sides to line up perfectly so I found that it works much better to print the front without the face outline and just cut out using the outline from the backside.

Here you will find the photoshop files for the front and back of the invites.

Once printed, cut them all out.

Then collect construction paper in the colors of the ninjas: red, blue, green, black, white. Use these to make pockets for the invites. In the pictures you'll see the template I used which I came up with by trial and error. I used the eyes template found in the next step in this 'ible to trace on and cut out the hole for the eyes.

Cut out the eye hole, lay an invite on the paper and fold the sides over. Then glue the flaps down to complete.

You can slide the invite in and out of the pouch from the top.

Step 3: Printables

Here are most of the things to be printed for this party. You can refer to this step to print what you need for the steps to come.

There are the 8 game signs,

5 free play game signs,

5 blank free play game signs,

ninjas for jar decoration,

sheets of different size eyes,

ghosts for games

All the photoshop files are included as well.

Step 4: Decorations and Such

I'm not huge on the decorating side of party planning as I much prefer the games and fun, but I try to do a little.

Found online somewhere, the idea to turn doors into lego bricks. Just tape a cheap colored table cloth to the door and add matching paper plates. *Tape didn't hold well for the plates so we use spray adhesive.*

I recycled my jars from the Yo-Kai Watch party. Just switched out the images to make them ninjago. These are used to hold goodies for the chocolate fountain.

Also an idea found online, the goodie bags are simple brown paper lunch sacks spray painted the ninja colors. Use the eye template from the printables step to cut and glue on the eyes.

Inside the goodie bags we put a ninja pop (instructions on next page), a paper ninja star, and a lego building kit from the dollar tree.

Step 5: Ninja Pops

Yet another scavenged idea from the web, these pops are super simple to make and pretty cute too.

Just need some party streamers, suckers, the tiny eyes template, scissors, and a glue stick.

Cut a strip of streamer.

Hold it to the stick of the sucker near the base of the candy and start wrapping it around the lolly.

When finished, use the glue to hold the end down.

Glue on some eyes and done.

Step 6: Printables for Game 6

You need these images to create a part needed for game 6. This is the big bad monster thing in the show.

I bought a display board like the kids use for science fair projects and I needed to get the monster image on the board. I didn't feel like painting it myself so I just made the image into many parts to print and then piece together. Then glue the whole thing down to the board.

Use an exacto knife to cut out the mouth hole.

*my completed image is on the blue side cause I was running out of ink*

Step 7: Cake

I decided to make him his cake this year and it is not my forte.

I had 2 ideas as shown in the pictures. I discovered that if I cut the 2 tier little cake in half, I can make a pretty good lego head shape. BUT, he didn't want that as he preferred to have 4 layers.

My frosting job sucks and the icing on the lego people too, but it tasted good at least.

I used chocolate lego molds I bought on amazon to make the lego bricks and people which I then haphazardly stuck on the cake.

Step 8: Set Up

My set-up is pretty simple. All I had was the food table with the chocolate fountain and some chocolate bricks, and the games.

It was a water party so we had a slip-n-slide too.

We had some free play games for the kids to do while waiting for everyone to arrive and in between the party games:

The trampoline was to practice air jitzu, hula hoops for spinjitzu, water guns and plastic bottles to shoot for the shooting range, and a bow and arrow with target for target practice.

Step 9: Game 1

Game 1 was to fill the bucket. In the show, she was training to be the water ninja and her task was to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

For this game, we had 2 chairs with kinda of a mesh seat so water can pass easily through it with a bucket underneath each.

The kids formed 2 lines a distance away facing the chairs.

They were to take a water balloon, run to the chair and sit on the balloon to pop it. The water would fall in the bucket under the chair. Then run back so the next person could go.

We played until we ran out of balloons and the team with the most water in the bucket won.

Step 10: Game 2

Game 2: Voice box on the fritz. In the show one of the ninjas is an android and his voice box starts messing up.

In this game, I wrote down several phrases from the show on strips of paper and put them in one bowl. Then wrote down different voices on paper strips in a second bowl.

The kids drew a slip from each and had to say the phrase in the voice they drew.

We had things like:



slow motion


tough guy

*most of the kids were too shy to do the voices but those that did were funny*

Step 11: Game 3

Game 3: Aeroblade ghost fight. In the show, the only weapon that can hurt the ghosts is the aeroblade.

We fell back to our favorite party game: the punch board. Instructions on how to make the punch board can be found on my previous "ible here:

Over each hole, glue on a ghost from the printables step.

You will need lots of paper ninja stars as well. You can find great videos on youtube to learn how to make them.

The kids lined up and armed themselves with ninja stars. One at a time they threw the stars at the board trying to hit the ghosts. We played until all ghost were hit.

** The kids had to get pretty close cause they had a hard time aiming those ninja stars**

Step 12: Game 4

Game 4: Brother sharpens brother. This is a phrase repeated often in the show meaning that the ninjas are better together.

**We skipped this game as we were running low on time and I thought that it had a good chance of getting out of hand with the young guests **

The basics of the game are like those of a game called tank. The players pair up. One is blind folded and handed ammo (water balloons or water bombs) to be the tank. The other player is the driver. The driver's job is to tell the tank where to go and where to throw the water bomb. If a tank gets hit by another team, the tank and his/her driver is out. Play until one team remains.

Step 13: Game 5

Game 5: Suction capture ghost fight. In the show, the ninjas used a vacuum like thing to capture ghosts.

For this game the kids used straws to suck up ghosts and put them in the "cage"

Just print and cut out the ghosts from the printables step and give each kid a straw.

If your table is large enough, everyone can play at the same time, otherwise play as many as can fit at once.

Play until all ghosts are caught.

Step 14: Game 6

Game 6: Car launch. In the show, one of the ninjas drives his motorcycle into the monster's mouth.

We made a makeshift ramp using old pieces of wood and a sheet of plexiglass. You also need several toy cars and the monster board from a previous step in this 'ible.

Set up the monster a short distance from the ramp. Test it to make sure the distance is good.

The kids line up and one a time launch a car off the ramp and try to get it in the monster's mouth. Play until 3 cars have made it through.

*Make sure no one is behind the monster or in front of the ramp, those cars are going fast and will hurt

**This was the favorite game of the party

Step 15: Game 7

Game 7: escape the cursed realm. In the show, some of the characters had to escape the cursed realm.

This is a team water game. I apologize I didn't get any pictures of this game in action since I was in the thick of it with the kids and soaked. Here is a link to a video of this game played by teens.

You need a length of PVC pipe no taller than the highest the kids can reach and it has to have a diameter large enough to accommodate a ping pong ball. You also need a cap for one end

Drill several holes smaller than the area you can cover with a finger randomly around the pipe and at different heights. About 10 holes will be enough. Put the cap on one end.

**we made 2 in case we had enough kids to have a race but we only used one**

Hold the pipe vertical with the capped end resting on the ground. Put the ping pong ball in the pipe.

Hold a water hose aimed into the pipe.

The object of the game is to get the ball to rise out of the pipe.

In order to do that, you have to work together to plug all the holes so the water will fill the pipe and float the ball to the top. You can only use your body to plug the holes.

***The game was super funny to watch but it was a bit too hard for this age group**

Step 16: Game 8

Game 8: Final Battle. Of course there is a final battle in the show.

I bought some chalk board paint and painted a large section on the back side of my shed and then used chalk to draw on 3 ghosts.

The kids had a free for all throwing water bombs, using slingshot bombs, and spraying with water guns to erase the ghosts.

After the last game, we had cake and opened presents. Then all the kids chose a goodie bag before leaving.

*****Zander has already chosen video games/minecraft for his birthday theme in December; however, there may not be whole party plan as usual since I am pregnant and due the day after his birthday*****

Thanks for checking out my party and I hope it has been useful.

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    Question 10 months ago on Step 13

    I couldn't find the ghosts on the page. Can you share them? Otherwise, this has been an AMAZING resource as I plan my son's indoor party. You've made it VERY easy for me to organize it. Thanks!


    Answer 10 months ago

    I am so very sorry it took me so long to answer your question. I've been meaning to, but kept forgetting. The ghost images are the last 2 images in the 3rd step called printables. Thank you so much for the compliments! and I am super happy it helped you plan a party. That is my goal when I post party plans, to make it easier for others than it was for me :)


    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    how to do make that editable lego sign? I am trying to make one for my son's birthday but I can't seem how to figure out how to make it say Kayston's Ninjago Birthday


    Answer 1 year ago

    here ya go. let me know if you can't get the image and I can email it to you


    Reply 1 year ago

    Omg your the best! Is there any way to make it a transparent or white background? And instead of “party” can it say “birthday”?


    Reply 1 year ago

    best I can do is cut down on the black. The black is too much a part of the main logo to weed it all out easily.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you so much!!! I love it !!