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Intro: Lego Note Book

I love this project it's great for any lego lover. This project was in spired by Brooklyntonia here is the link to her project
Enjoy! If you have any questions please comment and I will do my best to answer them. Please vote for me if you enjoy.

Step 1: Material

For the first type of note book you will need
A utility knife
Super glue
A ruler
A permanent marker
Sand paper
Lego boards
And a note book that fits your boards ( I use a five star mini composition note book )

For the second type of note book you will need
A drill
A small drill bit
A ruler
A permanent marker
A utility knife
A bunch of paper
A needle
Beading thread
A pencil
Lego boards
Binder clips
Scrape wood
Sand paper

Step 2: Cut and Sand the Boards

You will need to do this step for both designs
The best method I found for doing this is to mark the boards in a few places with the marker, line the Ruler up on this line, and score it fairly deep with the utility knife. Then bend the board back and forth until it breaks.
Sand the edges and corners with sand paper so that they are nice and neat

Step 3: Glue the Boards on the Note Book

For this I just made sure that the boards were the same size as the front of the note book, and glued it to the back and front with superglue.

Step 4: Cut the Paper

This step and beyond are for the second design of the note book.
Cut the paper to the size needed for the boards.
I used copy paper and cut it double the size so that I could fold in half and have two pieces of paper. I cut mine where they would about a 1/4 inches wider on the folded side.

Step 5: Ready to Drill

Line up the paper and make sure that all the folds are on the same side. Line all the paper up between the boards and clip them securely. Now you're ready to drill .

Step 6: Drill

I used a number 52 thumb drill and drilled between every stud. You want to go slow and use very little pressure to keep the drill bit square.
Put the note book down on a scrape wood and drill.

Step 7: Sew

Keep everything clipped together and use the needle and the beading thread to sew every thing together. I sewed it up one way in a sort of whip stitch and then came back down the other way with the same type of stitch.
Knot it off and make sure to at least triple knot it.

You're done Sit back and enjoy your work. And embellish as you like. Remember be careful, be safe, have fun, and enjoy.



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    Yes I believe they are unless you step on them

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    I love both designs! Aren't Legos the best?