Lego Original Mario

Hello. We're going to make a retro original Lego Mario figure!

You will need:

3 2x4 red bricks
6 1x2 red bricks
1 2x3 red brick
1 2x8 red brick

2 2x3 black bricks
6 1x2 black bricks
2 2x2 black bricks
3 2x4 black bricks

5 2x2 yellow bricks
5 1x2 yellow bricks
7 2x3 yellow bricks
2 2x4 yellow bricks

5 1x2 blue bricks
1 2x4 blue brick
1 2x6 blue brick
1 2x8 blue brick
2 2x3 blue bricks

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Step 1: Hat

Make the hat as shown.

Step 2: Head Part 1

Use these bricks to make the first part of the head(shown).

Step 3: Head Part 2

Use the bricks shown to make the second part of the head(shown).

Step 4: Torso Part 1

Use the bricks to combine the first part of the torso as seen in the picture.

Step 5: Torso Part 2

Use the following bricks to make the second part of the torso complete.

Step 6: Legs Plus Feet

Use the bricks to make the final parts.

Step 7: Now COMBINE!!!!!!

Once combined, the figure will look really nice as a room decoration. Modify as you like!!!!

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