Lego PAC-man Ghost




Introduction: Lego PAC-man Ghost

This is my lego PAC-man ghost. All the pic was taken by my iPod so not great quality. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: The Body

Start with two 2x4 next to each to make a 4x4 square and make this 4 high. On the top of the stack put 4 of the Legos with the lego bit on the side, on top. So you can put the sides on.

Step 2: Side Panel

Make two 2x6 and on top put anther 2x6. Next to that, on the right and left put 1x6, so there is one stud off the edge of the bottom to make feet. On top of that put a 2x5 on top in the middle 1 stud from top. You need to make 3 of these.

Step 3: Face of the Ghost

Make this from the last step but instead of putting a 2x5 on top put a 2x3. Put a 1 stud flat peace on top on the left and right. On top of them a 2x2 flat to make the eyes and a black round 1x1 on top for the eyes.

Step 4: Top

Get a 2x4 flat and make plus of flats and on put a 2x2 flat on top to make the top the ghost.

Step 5: Ghost

Put the sides on then the face and then the top.



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    This looks really cool! Nice design. I think I'm going to build this as a gift for someone I know.

    Sorry i know you didn't many ibles like this


    4 years ago

    I didn't copy !

    U coils also put the eyes in the middle