Lego PSP Dock

Introduction: Lego PSP Dock

This is my first Instructable and it's how to make a Lego PSP Dock.
The dock was designed for the "fat" PSP so I don't know weather it will work with the PSP slim.

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Step 1: You Will Need

Here is a list of parts you will need:

1 Baseplate 8x24 (can be replaced by plates)

A handful of Lego (I didn't name the exact pieces needed because you could use any combination as long as it fits)

A PSP with charger

8 2x3 plates

1 1x2 plate

Step 2: The Base

In this step we will build the base of the dock. Make sure to leave a gap three studs from the right side on the back. That is where the charger lead will go.

Step 3: Thing

This is the brick which holds the chargers lead in place. Make sure to put the 1x2 plate 2 from the end (1 stud in between)

Step 4: The Back Wall

This is the wall that stops the PSP faling backwards. Make sure to overlap all spaces in the bricks below. First put the charger lead in the space. Then put the part made in the last step 2 studs from the end, this will hold the plug in the same place. Then fill in the spaces.

Step 5: Enjoy the Dock!!

And there you have it! A PSP dock, made out of lego. Pop on your PSP when it needs some juice or you can also use it to watch movies as the dock holds the PSP upright and still.

Hope you liked the Instructible. Please leave comments if you thought it was good or if I need to inprove something.

So untill next time CYA!!!
Reece Bennett

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