Lego Payday 2 Portable Drill



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Welcome class, today I will show you how to make a portable safe drill as shown in Payday & Payday 2.

Now you can drill those safes and blast those swats in your way! Yay violence!

(ttoyryla instructables co. does not condone the infliction of harm on you or any other being).

Step 1: Parts Required

This is going to be a rather small instructable, there are not many parts required and there are no cut Legos or special modifications.

If you don't have these parts then you won't get the drill, and will have to live without safe loot. Unless you have TNT, then you're good.

Step 2: Just Stick the Parts Together

It should be rather easy to figure out but I'll show the process anyway. Because I care.

Step 3: Drilling Time

Well there is your finished lego payday portable safe drill.

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Bain is waiting for you guys, so that's all for now. I'll see you guys later! BUILD ON!



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