Lego Pencil Holder

Introduction: Lego Pencil Holder

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As you can tell from the title, I am going to be showing you how to make a life size pencil holder out of Legos. Here we go!

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Step 1: The Pieces

You will need:

• 1 8x8 plate

• A number of white 1x6s, 1x4s, and 1x2s

• A number of [insert color here] 1x6s, 1x4s, and 1x2s ( I just used bright green because that is one of my favorite colors)

• 1 6x6 tile (this is completely optional)

Step 2: The Process

First, build up the white to two bricks high. Then, put on the chosen color and repeat the process until the box is at the desired height. I just stopped at six bricks high. Next, add some tiles to give it a nice touch. Finally, put the 6x6 tile onto the bottom of the plate.

Step 3: Woohoo!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure to follow me! I will be posting a new instructable (hopefully) everyday. Well, I've already kinda done that this week so....

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