Lego Pistol

Introduction: Lego Pistol

A simple amazing, not really ergonomic (sadly) Lego pistol. You can use any color, just make sure it looks like a toy. I don't want anyone of you guys to get arrested

Step 1: Handle/ Magwell

Build up a wall with a 1x6 brick, 2 2x2 bricks and 3 1x2 bricks. Place 2 2x4 plates under the handle. Then build up the handle 2 more bricks height with 1x6s and 2x2s or 2x4s and 1x2s. Feel free to use any colors for details. Build a part of a handle with a 2x6 brick, a 2x2 brick and a 2x6 plate and attach it to the handle front. Build up the handle for three more height. It should be 6 2/3 brick heights tall. When you attach the 4x6 plate on the handle

Step 2: Hammer

Use a 1x4 plate and 2 1x2 bricks to build a frame for the hammer. Then use a 2x4 brick for the hammer. Attach it to the handle.

Step 3: Barrel

The bottom layer should be 3 2x8s and 3 1x2s, and the end should be a 1x6. The top layer should be 3 2x6s and 3 2x4s. The end is the same. Cover the top with 4x6 plates. Add it to the handle

Step 4: Bolt

Use a 2x3 flat plate and a axle piece to start the bolt. Use a 1x6 brick and a 2x2 brick to make it. Attach the rod to the lever and apply it to the gun

Step 5: The Magazine

One of the magazines you can build with 6 2x2s and a 2x4. Inserts like the second picture. The second one is the same, but with 2 diagonal 2x2s below. Inserts the same way

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