Lego Pneumatic Bike Pump Adapter




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Well, after building my air tanks for my pneumatic snake
, I needed a way to get them inflated faster then with the tiny lego pump. What's faster then a lego pump? A bike pump!

Step 1: Supplies

  • An old inner tube. Only valve needs to be working.
  • A tube that a lego pneumatic hose will fit snugly on.
  • Glue. I used hot glue.

Step 2: Assemble

1. Cut the innertube valve out.
2. Insert the tube into the end of the valve.
3. Glue.

Step 3: Done.

I found this to work extremely well. Filling my small air tanks took 30 pumps with my lego pump and 2 with a SMALL bike pump.



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    None you leave the pump connected? and what about a valve for letting air guessing you use the one that u buy from lego?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    haha I wouldn't even dare trying this with my high pressure (~160 psi) pump. But that's a great idea... for even faster & easier refill you could look into the air canisters inflators!

    2 replies

    Any chance you could get a psi measurement? It would be insanely easy to measure it while its setup like this. I always wondered what psi this stuff worked at when I was a kid.

    1 reply