Lego Police Truck With Real Lights




Introduction: Lego Police Truck With Real Lights

Legos are fun, but they miss real lights. Fortunately for us, Lego holes have nice dimensions, which fit nicely with standard LED dimensions (3mm or 5mm).

Here is a guide on how to light a Lego police truck for less than $5.

Step 1: Hardware Setup

You will need LEDs (very cheap), an old IDE ribbon cable, an old Camera battery, and a breakable tulip socket (also very cheap).

Break the IDE ribbon to form 2-wires cables. Also break the socket into 2-pins blocks. If you need to make the connector go through a Lego 5mm hole, also break the two pins individually.

Step 2: Soldering

With a soldering iron, you can now create cables with LEDs on one side and a male connector on the other side (don't forget to add a resistor on one of the pins). Mark the - wire with a black pen.

Then, create the battery connector and solder one or more female socket on each side. In my example I have one connector on the front and two on the rear (for a blinking roof light, still not functional). Again, mark the - connector with a black pen.

Step 3: Correctly Integrate in the Truck

My battery fits inside a 6x4 Lego block. This white Lego block will maintain the battery just at the right position !

Step 4: Enjoy !

Step 5: Re-use Your LEDs in Other Situations

Wires and LEDs can be reused in any other thing you build. For example, as lightning for a crane !

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