Lego Puzzle Box

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Lego puzzle boxes are so cool I decided to make one like this one. Now on to the instructions. Oh and one more thing DONT empty out your lego box(es) I done it the I have a cut on my foot so be careful. I ment to do this when I first posted this I give credit to legostorm on youtube:

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Step 1: Pieces

You will need: 1 4x4 flat with studs, 1 1x3 brick, 2 1x1 bricks, 1 1x1 brick with hole in middle, 1 1x4 flat with studs, 1 1x2 with wall (look in )picture), 1 1x3 flat with studs, 6 studs, 2 1x1 flat, 1 2x1 flat, 1 1x2 flat (any color but to look cool i used a gold one), 1 short Axle (technic), 1 1x1 brick, 3 2x4 flat with studs, 2 2x4 flat, 1 1x2 grille, 2 1x2 flat with studs, 2 1x4 flat. If you don't understand look in the picture.

Step 2: Starting With the Bottom

Can't explain (look in the picture)

Step 3: Middle Part

Easy (look in picture)

Step 4: Top

Look at pictures

Step 5: Done

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    4 years ago

    Could you put the pictures in a clearer resolution? It's kind of hard to tell what some of the pieces r and how they go together

    2 replies
    CSI worker22181

    Reply 4 years ago

    Oh sorry I can't i too it a part to build renzo260s glock 17

    CSI worker

    3 years ago

    Guys I'm sorry I'm gonna have to postpone this build.. My mother took my Lego boxes away...

    i dont understand a's ............(im trying my best to be nice)


    4 years ago

    I also don't understand how it works