Lego Quadcopter




This is my first instructable. I made a Lego drone with a 3D printed frame and some lego bricks. It can race with Lego wheels as well as fly with lego cannon and space shuttle.

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Step 1: Mini Quad Parts and Lego Bricks


1. Fc board ( JDkit )

2. battery

3. Holder for battery and fcb

4. props ( 2 cw, 2 ccw )

5. 7*15 motor 4pcs

lego bricks :

1. 4*6 1 pc

2. 1*4 2pcs

3. 2*2 2pcs

4. character 1pc

5. 2wheel 2pcs

Step 2: Making a Lego Cannon and Space Shuttle

I designed a space shuttle and customized a cannon in Thingiverse with Fusion 360.

Step 3: Frame Modeling and Printing ( Fusion 360 )

Step 4: Asembling Animation for Lego Drone With Lego Characters

Step 5: Lego Drone With Wheels for Racing

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