Lego R2D2 Led and Sound Mod

Introduction: Lego R2D2 Led and Sound Mod

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This is a mod to turn the already fun lego R2D2, into something much cooler, one that talks and lights up!

I'll apologise now for the lack of detailed pictures as I only decided to make this instructable a month after the mod. If you're into hacking and making things your own then you'll be golden.


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Step 1: Gathering Materials

So obviously for this build you need a lego R2D2 unit. I got lucky and bought mine when it was on offer around Christmas time (nice little gift to myself). As well as the Lego R2 you will need a smaller R2 figurine or even one of the plush R2 toys. Basically you want one that makes a noise when you push/squeeze a button. You can find these online for around £5.

As well as the toys you will need some basic soldering materials and LEDs. A glue gun will also be handy. I think that's it....

Step 2: Performing Surgery

Now you have your R2 figure/plush toy you need to get inside of it. With the plush you can pick the stitches away to get at the sound chip inside. With the hard plastic figure this is a little bit more difficult. Take your time when doing this or you could end up with a screwdriver sticking in somewhere it shouldn't.

Once you have successfully removed the innards from the toy either stitch it back up or glue it back together so to save the poor fellow.

Step 3: Figuring Out What Goes Where

Right you should have a working sound chip in your possession about now. All that's left to to is figure out how you're going to mount it inside the Lego R2. Again I'm sorry for the lack of detail with this.

Firstly I had to figure out how to operate the sound chip without having any external wires showing. I decided to make a push button switch which used an existing part of the Lego R2. This switch is sprung loaded so it only presses the pressure pad on the board once. Similar to when you squeeze R2's tummy to make the noise.

One you're happy with the switch you can add the LEDs. Basically I made up some led looms and figured out where to solder them so they came on when R2 spoke. Trial and error with this one I'm afraid but you can't hurt anything by touching wires onto points. It will either work or it won't lol!

Now the LEDs are sorted you need to get it all glued in and wires tidy. The LEDs sit nicely behind the Lego pieces so this built was crying out to be done to be honest. Everything fit perfectly without too much disturbance.

Step 4: Sit Back and Enjoy What You Have Created

So that's it. If you're a keen hacker then this will have been easy. If not then I'm sorry for the lack of detail. You can always message and I'll try help you out.

Your Lego R2D2 should now speak and light up. Check out the video to see him in action.

Thanks for looking and enjoy making R2 come to life.

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    6 years ago

    I will be getting a r2 lego one day? And I will be getting you to mod it for me! Haha, awesome build mate! :)