Lego RC Car Trailer

This is a trailer made from Lego for an RC car. It can be used for hauling small toys around.

Step 1: The Bottom and Wheels

For the wheels I used a 2 by 4 axle and small wheels. The bottom is an 8 by 16 base plate. The hitch beam is just a 1 by 7

Step 2: Hitch Connection

For this I used a 2 by 1 flat piece and a 1 by 1 brick piece drill a hole and put a small screw or wire so it will turn. Glue this on the back of the car

Step 3: The Trailer Box

I just used two layers of long narrow pieces so the cargo won't fall out.

Step 4: The Cargo

For cargo I used miniature space people. You could also use other things, like Lego and die casts .

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