Lego Rc Car (Electronics Project)

Intro: Lego Rc Car (Electronics Project)

For my personal project I built a lego rc car. The car can move forwards, backwards, and turn left and right. The car is wireless and connects to a controller. The controller and reach the car from 33ft away before it loses its connection.

Step 1: Materials

Materials required in order to build the car

4 lego wheels

lego base plates and flat bricks

4 axels

2 lego rc motors

1 lego receiver

1 lego rc battery pack

1 lego rc controller

6 AAA batteries

Step 2: Building Process

For the first step of the building process I built the base of the car using flat lego base pieces. I connected 3 base pieces and added some smaller pieces on the bottom to make the base sturdier. I then also make a frame for the battery pack and receiver to sit and stay on. I also added a smaller frame that would hold the two back tires on.

Step 3: Building Process

For the final step of the building process I just attached the front 2 motors onto the base plate. I then attached axels into each motor and the back 2 tire spots. I then attached the 4 tires on the car. I also leveled out the car by adding and taking pieces out, making sure that every tire worked equally as well.



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    What a cool looking car!