Lego Red Dot Sight




Simple yet effective can be made easily.

Step 1: Internals

The red dot sight holds a laser which let's it's beam out at the bottom and at the top you put the laser in the middle of the box. May sound hard but once you look into it it is already aligned.

Step 2: Trigger

This starts the red dot and the spring with the lego piece act as a trigger to hold down the laser pointers button.

Step 3: Laser On

This is the laser on and you can see it fits the laser in the box also the laser may seem too bright but the camera did that. Also the red dot sight is really not a red dot it's just a laser and you alight it while looking down the bare box.

Step 4:



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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Of course I meant Nerf battles! Not nerd battles! LoL!


    3 years ago

    Very creative. A true "Red Dot" sight does not actually project a laser dot onto the target as you probably know, so there is an element of danger with this design if you use this setup to aim at other people for nerd battles. Never shine a laser in somebody's face! Other than that, great idea!